Premiere: Watch Isla Noon's New Music Video 'I Need To Go Home'

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Isla Noon is an electro indie pop artist from New Zealand. Isla Noon is an electro indie pop artist from New Zealand.

Shiny electro indie pop with a rhythm that bounces and lyrics that pierce the heart with a message of self-care all come together to draw you inside Isla Noon's newest creation, 'I Need To Go Home'.

The song is focused on the inner voice that comes to life when the good times grind to a halt on a night out, willing you to go 'home'.

The lyric: 'I see a glistening line of spilled red wine like a runway to the door / I think I need to go home' is one many will relate to and showcases Isla's talents as a lyricist.

"The song tells the story of a night out where the illusion of a grand ideal is shattered; that moment you sober up to see a girl crying into her drink, the spilled wine all over the floor drying to a sticky sheen and a few lonely souls looking for connection on a dance floor," Isla says.

"More than anything, it's a metaphor for confronting times in my life where I've pulled back the veneer on things I was taught to accept or expected to enjoy.

"The track speaks to a time where I had no choice but to listen to that inner voice – even if it meant leaving on my own."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (19 November), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the 'I Need To Go Home' music video today. Enjoy.

The video was directed by Swap Gomez and Oshara Ardelean of Umbrella Creative. "The clip flashes between two contrasting locations, one being a night-time cityscape with rich colours and full body performance," Isla says.

"The other location symbolises 'home', a place to which I have retreated and can move slowly and contemplatively through. This place is new to me, and I've had to face up to some difficult truths to get there.

"I wanted to capture the symbolic nature of the song, in that 'home' wasn't so much a physical location but rather a more honest relationship with myself, one in which I didn't ignore that nagging gut feeling that lets me know when a situation isn't right for me."



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