Premiere: Watch Inklines New Music Video 'Let You Down'

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Sydney rockers Inklines will release their new EP 'Book Club' on 25 September, 2020. Sydney rockers Inklines will release their new EP 'Book Club' on 25 September, 2020.

Ahead of the impending release of their new EP, 'Book Club' (25 September), Sydney rockers Inklines are ready to drop their newest music video, 'Let You Down'.

The trio of Will Tremain, Tom Bowden and Daniel Mulroney, Inklines are quickly earning a solid reputation for purveyors of damn-fine indie rock, if previous 2020 singles 'Wherever You Go' and 'Violet' are any indication.

A track lifted from 'Book Club', 'Let You Down' offers an insight into the band's continuing evolvement, exploring further into the alternative-rock soundscape – but try and pick a direct influence; it's like they've harnessed the best aspects of rock and crafted the Inklines sound.

Oh, and those crunchy guitars. More of that please Inklines. They also got their hands dirty when it came time to film the music clip for 'Let You Down', after the initial plan turned to custard.

Before we share that story, scenestr is stoked to premiere the video Will, Tom and Daniel created themselves. Superb effort, lads.

"Making this video was quite an interesting process for us," Will says.

"We were initially working with a production company to get the clip done, but started running into issues very quickly – not being able to all get in the same room together to plan things out was definitely one of the major challenges.

"As a band we always try to be as self-sufficient as possible, so we thought why not try make this video ourselves?

"We proved pretty quickly that we are definitely musicians and not filmmakers. When we started trying to think up ideas of what to do for the video, we had none.

"One night we were practising and the idea was thrown out that we just start filming things – anything – and make it up as we go. We ended filming a bunch of nonsense, like tree branches and traffic, and the rest just fell into place."

When it came time to piece the footage they'd collected into a cohesive video clip, the lads didn't let their inexperience get in the way.

"Three guys sitting in front of a computer with a couple of hours of footage and some video editing software they'd never used, was definitely the biggest hurdle," confirms Will.

"But it was a really fun experience and I always love learning new things. Maybe I'll stop making music and just concentrate on my filmmaking career for a bit, haha!"



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