Premiere: Watch Headcage's New Music Video 'Abre La Jaula/Horizons On Fire'

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Brisbane band Headcage's new EP is titled 'Sound Out'. Brisbane band Headcage's new EP is titled 'Sound Out'.

When Brisbane's Headcage plug-in they blast gritty, spacey, hard rock through the speakers, evoking a psych rock-out.

The music child of South American multi-instrumentalist Christian Schmidt (aka Voodoo Schmidt) and singer-songwriter Glyn Major, the duo's shared love of '70s and '90s rock oozes out their amps.

The group recently released their new EP, 'Sound Out', that was recorded live. "It's a great representation of what we were doing last year. Old songs started to merge with new jams," Christian says.

The emphasis for the recording session occurred after a gig, when they bumped into good friend Casper (drummer for The Urban Sea).

"I was getting a beer after my set and heard the intro, and immediately asked 'Who's that?!'," recalls Caper. "[I] looked at the stage and 'Oh damn! It's you guys!'" Casper then invited Headcage back to his studio, Sound Out Studios, for a live session.

The first part of the '(Live at) Sound Out' EP is 'Abre La Jaula/Horizons On Fire', which scenestr is pumped to premiere the music video. Enjoy.

"The video was put together with all sorts of footage we captured on the recording day," Christian says.

"The EP starts with 'Abre la Jaula' (Spanish for 'open the cage') Headcage's own meditative tribal intro, followed by the powerful stomp rock of 'Horizons On Fire'.

"In terms of production, this was the easiest recording we've ever done," Christian adds.

"We spent some of the morning setting up gear, placing cameras and goofing around in the studio. Nando's run for lunch then ready to go.

"We treated this as just another gig. Casper, as studio owner and engineer, created such a fun environment for us to just let loose, try things and focus on the playing.

"The whole afternoon went flying. You can see and hear us laughing in between songs while Casper is grooving with us but always focusing on the recording and keeping an 'eagle-eye' on the console."



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