Premiere: Watch Ghostwoods' New Music Video 'Dark Moon'

Ghostwoods is the solo moniker of Brisbane creative James Lees. Ghostwoods is the solo moniker of Brisbane creative James Lees. Image © Sam Scoufos

A long-time regular of Brisbane's indie music-arts scene both as a drummer for a number of bands as well as a host of behind the scenes roles, last year's enforced shutdown allowed James Lees to focus on his own solo work as Ghostwoods.

With piano the lead instrument, the musician, composer and producer also adds synths and percussion with contributions from collaborators including Mark Angel (electric guitar), Karl O'Shea (bass), and Andrew Saragossi (flute/ clarinet/ sax).

It's music that would fit right in any David Lynch or Coen Brothers soundtrack; instrumental, moody alt-country, bruised dark-pop bristling with character and an imposing attitude.

"During lockdown last year, I lost most of my work, so I had a lot of time and was pretty much isolated here at my place in Mt Nebo, so the seclusion and influence of the environment throughout the winter was really strong," James says.

"I had made a start on the project prior to this, but the lockdown made me turn back to the music for solace.

"Another element of the project is for me to do some music with my partner Karl who plays bass and some acoustic guitar – he also loves playing super-dark spooky music, so he agreed to this pretty readily!"

'Dark Moon' is the title track of a forthcoming Ghostwoods EP, with James collaborating with filmmaker Jacob Schiotz and Screamfeeder's Tim Steward to create a music video featuring actor/ performer Leah Shelton (of Polytoxic fame) in the dual lead role.

scenestr is thrilled to premiere the 'Dark Moon' music video. Enjoy.

"I thought it would be cool to have a very, very simple abstract kind of video for 'Dark Moon' to help get the track out there.

"I approached my friend Tim Steward about this who immediately looped in his filmmaking friend and collaborator Jacob Shiotz.

"They have been working on the We All Want To and Screamfeeder documentaries together. They both really liked the track and started imagining a much grander vision than I had suggested, which ended up involving two late night shoots at Mt Nebo in the forest, several locations and a small crew including some beautiful art direction from Lucinda Shaw.

"I put my long-forgotten film & TV degree to use and provided some delicious catering! I'm so happy with the video and can't quite believe I have such a beautiful piece of art to help get the music out there."



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