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Premiere: Watch Gemma Kirby's 'Deceiving Eyes' Video

Gemma Kirby - Deceiving Eyes
National Music Editor, based in Brisbane, Australia.

Gemma Kirby's 'Deceiving Eyes' is the first interactive film clip produced by an Australian country musician.

“The clip tells the story of a young girl who is exposed to the drug ice (methamphetamine) while still in high school,” Gemma says “and the decision-making process around trying the drug for the first time. This is unfortunately every parents nightmare and also a true reality growing up in current society as a Gen Y.”
While the music video appears to be like others clip, viewers will be given the opportunity to choose an ending to the story. The original clip plays out the story of the girl who declined the drug from her peers. But if you would like to see what happens when she says 'yes', you'll have to TXT to receive a link to the other ending.

Gemma Kirby 09 16Gemma Kirby

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