Premiere: Watch Frank James' Music Video 'Friday'

Melbourne singer-songwriter, Frank James' new single is titled 'Friday'. Melbourne singer-songwriter, Frank James' new single is titled 'Friday'.

More than a year since he last dropped new music, Melbourne singer-songwriter Frank James' has followed the recent release of his single 'Friday' with an accompanying music video.

'Friday' finds the indie folk-pop artist exploring meandering electric guitar tones heightened by stabby psych-rock flourishes throughout and Frank's chilled, laidback vocals that muddy and contrast the lyrical direction of the song – the monotony behind going out to drink when you really don't want to.

Given the nation's appetite for a drink, it's a sentiment many of us can share; and Frank has captured this often pointless pursuit of just one more drink when your bank account is screaming at you to stop with a heartfelt song that's still perfect to hum along to while you day-dream about your next Friday night.

The video clip for 'Friday' finds Frank living out the song's underlying themes, painting the isolated and distant feeling when someone just isn't into it anymore and how unfulfilling it can actually be.

scenestr is amped to premiere the 'Friday' music video today. Enjoy.

"I feel the music video is a perfect representation of the song," Frank says.

"It reminds me of a certain state I can get in where I'm just aimlessly wandering the night never quite knowing when to call it; just one more drink, one more bar! It's like I'm tryna find something but I never find it, haha!"

We're looking forward to more new music from Frank in 2021; and don't forget to drink responsibly.



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