Premiere: Watch EVIE's new music video 'Swinging On The Balcony'

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'Swinging On The Balcony' is the newest single from Brisbane indie pop singer-songwriter EVIE. 'Swinging On The Balcony' is the newest single from Brisbane indie pop singer-songwriter EVIE.

If you love nostalgic filters that turn modern videos into grainy, hazy old-school clips and a singer-songwriter exuding Lana Del Rey vibes, then buckle in 'cause you're going to love Brisbane indie pop artist EVIE.

'Swinging On The Balcony' is EVIE's first release of 2021, and showcases her deep love for the indie pop genre with sultry vocals married to haunting keys and a melodic rhythm section.

Recorded in Brisbane with Finley Miller and Andrew Knight on mixing and mastering duties respectively, the new song finds EVIE contemplating self-love.

"'Swinging On The Balcony' is a song about letting go in different stages, getting used to your own company again.

"It also holds a sense of hopefulness, as if. . . if things were to go back to the way they were, I wouldn't have fought it."

EVIE has created an accompanying music video for 'Swinging On The Balcony' that is released tomorrow and features footage from Brisbane and Los Angeles; she also played a part in the production of the hazy, nostalgic vibe.

scenestr is wrapped to premiere the video today. Enjoy.

"The music video is a collection of pieces I filmed while visiting all my favourite places across the US," EVIE adds.

"It also features a few of my favourite streets from where I lived in my early adult life as well as being the same place I wrote 'Swinging On The Balcony'.

"To film this, a friend [Hollie Warner] and I drove around at 7am looking for my favourite spots around the suburbs. We would pull over and film the morning light because everything looked so beautiful and calm.

"It only took us a few hours before we had enough footage to pair with my film from travelling and I edited it together that night.

"This video means a lot to me because it's been, quite literally, years in the making. I filmed things on my trip knowing I wanted to use the footage in a video one day, I just hadn't written the song for them yet.

"It took a long time but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out."



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