Premiere: Watch Emma Beau's New Music Video 'The Nerve'

Emma Beau is an electro-pop singer-songwriter from the Sunshine Coast. Emma Beau is an electro-pop singer-songwriter from the Sunshine Coast.

An artist who has shared the stage with Kasey Chambers as well as performed her violin on 'The Voice', Emma Beau is a multi-instrumentalist with an ethereal vision to share her electro-pop sound.

Her latest single is 'The Nerve'. Sensual, velvety-husky vocals are melded to '80s electronic-pop production (that brings Madonna and Gwen Stefani to mind) as Emma coos like a sorceress about a subject matter all-too common.

"As is normal for me, I usually write songs after experiencing some kind of intense emotion," Emma says.

"This song came out with a force, having written it in about ten minutes after getting sick and tired of dealing with some very sh.tty people."

Now Emma is ready to unveil the music video for 'The Nerve' that scenestr is amped to premiere today. Enjoy.

"'The Nerve' is all about standing your ground against those who underestimate your strength," Emma adds.

"It's a song to help you to arrive in the seat of your power and be strong in your values and beliefs, even if it means getting a knife in the spine.

"The song is inspired from my own experiences navigating my gentle heart through a harsh world, and having to grow a thicker skin whilst still remaining genuine and warm."

'The Nerve' was a DIY project that Emma completed from the comfort of her own home on the Sunshine Coast. "I recorded this track in my bedroom and filmed the clip at home.

"The music video shows my passion for vintage film, particularly stuff with a bit of a creepy vibe to it.

"I thought the vintage clip used in 'The Nerve' was a great metaphor for how it can feel being a female artist in an industry that has traditionally been controlled by males in positions of power.

"The undressing of the pig and its demand to perform are how us women often feel, and I wanted to really capture this in a creative way."



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