Premiere: Watch Emersxn Louis' New Music Video 'Playboy Type'

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Emersxn Louis is an independent hip hop artist based on the Gold Coast. Emersxn Louis is an independent hip hop artist based on the Gold Coast.

Independent Gold Coast hip hop artist Emersxn Louis' latest track, 'Playboy Type', details an illicit trip he endured that acted as an epiphany of sorts.

After releasing two singles last year, his debut 'Light Up The Night' and 'Pink Xannys', the trap rapper dropped 'Count On Me' earlier this year which was featured during prime time on local club station, Radio Metro.

A life of hardship that has in the past involved living on the streets fuels Emersxn's creative drive; he lists the likes of Juice Wrld, Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent and Schoolboy Q as influences.

'Playboy Type' sees Emersxn Louis fully immerse himself in his rapper alter ego.

"It was just a time where I was feeling a peak in my alter ego," Emersxn says, "and it had been on my mind for quite some time to make a track where I could perform live and just flip the show upside down, with bass, melody and specific lyrics that were influenced by a overdose I had.

"I had remembered one of my homies yelling in my ear to try ground me, but it only made me worse haha. He was saying 'the earth is flat, let your thoughts go. You're here right now, talk to god.'

"I wasn't actually having a bad trip, I was just completely out of it. But the song represents how I saw myself as a rapper and person in that moment of time. It was just a matter of including the right lyrics to execute the full song."

Ahead of the release of 'Playboy Type' tomorrow (11 September), scenestr is stoked to premiere the official music video (which tips its hat to 'Spring Breakers') for Emersxn's new single, today. Enjoy.

"The creative direction of the music video was based around the trip," adds Emersxn.

"I told my videographer I wanted to recreate the scene of where it happened, and that his edits were to create a visual experience similar to what I was seeing and he did exactly that."



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