Premiere: Watch ELEEA's New Music Video 'Stings'

ELEEA's new single is titled 'Stings', ELEEA's new single is titled 'Stings',

The conflicting emotions of happiness and sadness inspired the songwriting of ELEEA's current single 'Stings'.

A song written a year after the break-up of her own long-term relationship, ELEEA used her own feelings to process the sentimental nature of seeing or hearing about an ex with their new partner.

"My writing is always very raw, but 'Stings' feels particularly autobiographical," ELEEA says.

Working with ARIA chart-topping producer Brad Hosking (Amy Shark), 'Stings' is an emotive indie pop ride that harnesses all the feels of a bruised heart that simply needs time to mend the aching honesty of ELEEA's vocals perfectly capturing the bittersweet nature.

"The song is a raw and nostalgic break-up song, but it's not bitter. It's about wondering where your ex's new partner fits into your old life, while simultaneously being really happy that they're there with them when you can't be anymore."

After releasing 'Stings' last month, scenestr is thrilled to premiere the song's accompanying music video today. Enjoy.

"The concept behind the video was like being in a house that's been locked up for a while," ELEEA says, "with sheets over the furniture, journals and photos from the past scattered around, and old memories laying thick like dust.

"Then it's about dismantling that nostalgia bit by bit, cleaning off the dust, putting away the reminders and moving on."

When it came time to film the video, ELEEA had grand plans before a snap lockdown threw a spanner in the works.

"It was a bit insane, but I decided to shoot 3 music videos in 24 hours at an old Queenslander cottage I rented in Scenic Rim ('Red Wine', 'I'd Beg' and 'Stings')," ELEEA says.

"The shoot also coincided with a snap Brisbane lockdown, so my photographer couldn't make it and it ended up being a tiny team of just four, including the videographer (who also shot the photography), his assistant (lighting, BTS shooting), my Mum (BTS shooting, catering, chihuahua wrangling) and I (hair, makeup, costume design/ styling, production styling).

"I'd dreamt up my plans and storyboards for the video, but we ended up improvising a lot of the key elements based on the space too, like the sunflowers that our host had left on the dining table that ended up a key feature in the morning scene.

"Though it sounds a bit crazy as we each had a lot to do, it was a really fun, grassroots operation and everything worked out perfectly, even down to where the sun rose and set at the house – those stained glass windows were divine!"

ELEEA supports Hazel Mei at Vinnies Dive Bar (Gold Coast) 12 December.



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