Premiere: Watch Echo Del Tusker's New Music Video 'What Am I To You'

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Echo Del Tusker's new single is titled 'What Am I To You'. Echo Del Tusker's new single is titled 'What Am I To You'.

Ahead of the annual pilgrimage of love that is Valentine's Day tomorrow, Aussie rockers Echo Del Tusker reveal their newest single, the funk-drenched soul rocker 'What Am I To You'.

Guitarist Brendan Forward wrote the track, as he sought to capture the feeling of a new relationship as two people first begin to discover each other. "When you start dating someone, you can spend all this time together and still be unsure about what you mean to each other.

"It can be hard to really define exactly what the relationship is. It was loosely inspired by a good friend of mine and was something a bit different lyrically from anything I'd written before.

"I would definitely say that it was inspired a bit by the Stones' 'Miss You', but once the band jammed on it a bit it kind of became its own thing."

Adds singer Estelle Artois: "When Brendan showed me this song, I thought it was catchy as f... as well as timely considering the current dating app climate. Is it just me, or are people too shy or too headstrong to come out and tell a person how they feel?

"The band is just shy of its second birthday and one thing I feel we have achieved with this song is honing in on our sound as a band.

"This track oozes funk as well as that soul, rock blend we love so much. This here is quintessential Echo Del Tusker."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'What Am I To You' today. The video was shot by Ian Ritter and features award-winning Melbourne burlesque dancer Ainslie Adams.

"Both the processes behind recording with producer Ricki Rae and filming with Ian Ritter – both guys were on board for a ridiculous turn around with this single and both delivered in a big way," Estelle says.

"We had so much fun recording (and) filming and seeing our concepts come to life. It's been a sparkling whirlwind of a year so far."

Echo Del Tusker host a single launch party at Frankie's Pizza (Sydney) 21 March.



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