Premiere: Watch Dubarray's New Single 'Conscious Soldier'

Dubarray's new single is titled 'Conscious Soldier'. Dubarray's new single is titled 'Conscious Soldier'.

Dubarray are about to release their funky new track 'Conscious Soldier', which brings together groove-a-licious funk and electro-synth ambience, with huge guitar hooks and beautiful, soaring vocals that share a strong lyrical message.

Inspired by the young activists making a stand for climate change, this is a song to uplift and inspire. "Many of our songs are very emotive and most have a strong underlying message within the track. This track, we decided to deliver in a different manner with a fun, funky groove.

"This track was inspired by the current climate activism, which is being heavily moved by the younger generation. It's amazing how divided we are as a human race on a topic which can end all humanity. The message is simple: plant some trees and be more conscious about your everyday decisions."

scenestr is stoked to offer you the first watch of the music video for 'Conscious Soldier'. "We had our good friends from Muso TV come in to do a live clip for us at The Vault Studio's on the Sunshine Coast and we are very happy with the way it turned out, nice and gritty. We hope you guys dig the track and the video."

"Our recording process is always different. This track was written as an electronic groove first with everything else layered on top.

"We managed to record the track prior to our singer Kate having a baby, which meant we could take our time in the mixing.

"Usually we record and mix everything ourselves, but this time we decided to experiment with engineers. We were introduced to Chris Chetland by Tiki Taane; Chris has worked with many of New Zealand's top acts including Tiki Taane, as well as Shapeshifter, Pitch Black, P-Money and many more. Chris gave it a nice analog touch-up and master."

It also seems 'Conscious Soldier' is a favourite with fans. "It's usually not the way to open your set with a single, but this track is quickly becoming one of our go-to opening tracks as it really sets a scene for a funky show and allows us to kick off on the right BPM to build our set into some drum and bass by the end."



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