Premiere: Watch Dana Crowe's New Music Video 'Anchor In The Blue'

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Melbourne-based musician, Dana Crowe's new single is titled 'Anchor In The Blue'. Melbourne-based musician, Dana Crowe's new single is titled 'Anchor In The Blue'.

With a sound that merges rock and roots, Melbourne-based musician Dana Crowe's latest single is the rollicking, guitar-driven 'Anchor In The Blue'.

Originally hailing from Wagga, Dana released her debut EP 'Everything' in 2017 after playing in several bands. She also meet producer Alessandro Stellano, who helped Dana explore her country twang further.

Once again, Dana has worked with Alessandro on 'Anchor In The Blue' with the track mastered at Nashville's Sage Audio.

"​I've had this song completed and shelved for what feels like forever as I wanted it on the now delayed EP," Dana says.

"With so many people separated from their loved ones, it seems like a perfect time to release."

Lyrically, Dana liked the imagery an anchor conjures in the mind. "An anchor represents strength and safety. Stops you drifting away.

"It's telling the people you love the most that you'll be the certainty, a sure thing, no matter what."

Not allowing COVID restrictions to deter her creative spirit, Dana brought a do it yourself mentality by creating and editing independently a music video for 'Anchor In The Blue', which scenestr is stoked to premiere today. Enjoy.

"Made on my own [and] filmed earlier in the year with an iPhone just to play around with ideas," Dana says about the creative process of the video clip.

"With lockdown, I got creative and used what footage I had and edited it together, so that I didn't have to delay the song anymore."



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