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Premiere: Watch Crash And The Crapenters New Music Video 'Outbreak (Of Human Kindness)'

Crash And The Carpenters are a ska-punk band from Sydney.
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The fourth and final release in their 'Great Singles Bonanza' series, Sydney ska punks Crash And The Crapenters have unleashed 'Outbreak (Of Human Kindness)'.

A rollicking, upbeat ride with a cheerful, almost cheeky disposition with ska tones that sound like they were drenched in a western saloon and birthed in a funky New Orleans dive bar, 'Outbreak (Of Human Kindness)' is an infectious romp perfect for the dance floor.

The song originated from an idea frontman and composer Chris Carpenter had about imagining how good it would be if good vibes and kindness could be spread as easily as COVID.

That you could infect a mass amount of people with kindness, with each individual infecting however many, and so on, and so forth; we could have a "contagion of kindness" and an "infection of connection".

scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'Outbreak (Of Human Kindness)' today. Enjoy.

'Great Singles Bonanza' was a pandemic-inspired story arc that plotted the band's descent into lockdown-induced darkness through the initial singles 'We're All In This Alone' and 'You Can Write Me Off'.

Third single 'Protect Our One' relates to Crash's work as an environmentalist and how coming out of lockdown was intrinsic in finding his way back to the light.

The new single is the point where, contrary to the proclamations of single number one, we all truly in this together.

Crash And The Crapenters play The Servo (Wollongong) 13 May and Frankie's Pizza (Sydney) 29 May.

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