Premiere: Watch Cosmo Thundercat's New Music Video 'Hell Without You'

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Cosmo Thundercat are an indie rock band from Adelaide. Cosmo Thundercat are an indie rock band from Adelaide.

Some three years since they last released new music, Adelaide indie rockers Cosmo Thundercat return with another dose of sophisticated lyricism and vivid melodies in the form of 'Hell Without You'.

A band who have during their time supported the likes of Gomez, Husky, and British India, Cosmo Thundercat continue to showcase an ability to craft indie rock burners that hook you in with their raw honesty.

After a few spins you'll find 'Hell Without You' similar to Paul Dempsey's solo back catalogue.

"This song reflects on our need for connection with others. It's about vulnerability and longing for someone," frontman Anthony Callisto says.

"It also explores the contrast between times in our lives when we bask in the light, feel full and content and times of darkness when we feel lost."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (10 September), scenestr is pumped to premiere the 'Hell Without You' music video. Enjoy.

"We're so glad to release 'Hell Without You'," Anthony adds. "It's a real special song for us.

"Since our last release we've been working on some new stuff and look forward to sharing it soon."



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