Premiere: Watch Colin Lillie's Music Video 'Stop'

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Colin Lillie's newest single is titled 'Stop', from his new album 'Shades Of Love', which is due out early 2021. Colin Lillie's newest single is titled 'Stop', from his new album 'Shades Of Love', which is due out early 2021.

Scottish, NT-based singer-songwriter Colin Lillie dropped his new single 'Stop' in September, stepping away from a previously more stripped-back sound to give his listeners a full band experience, saxophone included.

The track was written before COVID-19, but features lyrical reminders to pause and look at the bigger picture.

"'Stop' was the result of my fear of tomorrow due to anxiety and the inner struggles I was having after a long bout of insomnia and over thinking," Colin explains about the song's lyrics.

scenestr is super keen to be premiering the long-awaited music video for 'Stop' a day before its official release – check it out below and enjoy!

The video, produced by Nat Sim and Alex Flamsteed, was shot at The Old Museum in Brisbane, and shows Colin and his sax player Andrew Garton playing the track. There's also a cameo from Sunshine Coast musician Sahara Beck.

"The clip tells the surreal tale about the inner workings of a mind. The romanticism of a certain time, place or person," Nat and Alex explain.

"A fixation of these certain thoughts, and it explores how life is just fleeting moments, blurred and distorted due to the repetition that obsessions and memories can create."

"We all have had times in our lives when it feels we are caught in a cycle of hurt and fear," Colin adds.

"'Stop' is a reminder that if we are brave enough to take a moment and breathe, we can find the peace our body and mind needs so our spirit can move forward no matter the challenges we face."

'Stop' is the first single from Colin's upcoming album 'Shades Of Love', due early 2021.



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