Premiere: Watch Clint Wilson's New Music Video 'Teeth In Me'

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Clint Wilson is an alt. country, folk singer-songwriter from Melbourne. Clint Wilson is an alt. country, folk singer-songwriter from Melbourne.

Folk, alt-county musician, Clint Wilson's newest single is the poignant and candid 'Teeth In Me' [from his 2020 album 'Another Death in The Family'], a track whose laidback charm allows its darker themes to be more easily digested.

"The track is about someone battling depression, feeling trapped with no way out," Clint muses about 'Teeth In Me', which he co-wrote with Brisbane country music writer Jeremy Edwards.

"I wrote the track with Jeremy at a songwriting retreat [DAG Sheep Station Songwriters Retreat] in Nundle just south of Tamworth, and it was recorded at the EOR Studios and was produced by Damian Cafarella and Lachlan Bryan.

"It's a song about feeling like you're being held back, stuck dragging baggage around. The line 'something strong's got its teeth in me' is a reference to depression or 'the black dog' taking hold."

Despite its melancholic subject matter, 'Teeth In Me' is a guitar-driven, harmonica-infused rustic song with a laconic, laidback approach to simple lyrics that offer a deeper meaning: "It's like I've stopped at every red light on the way."

Clint has teamed with multi award-winning Duncan Toombs of The Filmery to create a music video for 'Teeth In Me' inspired by 'Groundhog Day'. It features a city worker leaving their office job looking to escape to the country who discovers a 'magical' door, which only transports them back to the start. An endless loop many of us can relate to, no doubt.

scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Teeth In Me' music video today. Enjoy.

"It was shot in and around the city of Melbourne on an overcast day and shows someone trying to escape the 9 to 5," Wilson says, "fed up with her job and being trapped in the city, every day feeling like 'Groundhog Day'.

"Unfortunately, after trying a number of times unsuccessfully – she gives up."



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