Premiere: Watch Christian Ruiz's Debut Music Video 'Miss You'

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'Miss You' is the debut single from Christian Ruiz. 'Miss You' is the debut single from Christian Ruiz.

After years behind the mixing desk, Australian artist-producer Christian Ruiz is ready to launch his solo career with the hypnotic single 'Miss You'.

Stylish, gleaming electronic pop that bursts with a radiance, 'Miss You' features pop-tastic hooks and Ruiz's soothing, angelic vocals that are reminiscent of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd.

Centred around accidental meetings, apprehension and, finally, acceptance, Christian elaborates on the meaning behind 'Miss You'.

"It's about finding someone you didn't expect to come across, knowing you have a strong connection with them, but being too afraid to admit it and then denying it."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (15 June), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the 'Miss You' music video. Enjoy.

Ruiz edited, co-produced and co-directed the video alongside cinematographer Joshua Menzel.

"The basic concept of the clip is me being in a desolate place," begins Christian, "struggling to get through life and being transported to a dark place with a build-up of thoughts.

"But it has a positive ending which brings authenticity to the song’s honest meaning."

With 'Miss You' mixed by Liam Quinn (Rita Ora, Ruel, Illy) and mastered by Colin Leonard (Justin Bieber, Beyonce), Christian is excited at what the future holds next.

"It feels exciting and scary at the same time to release something so close to my heart. I hope that people will relate and resonate with what I have created."



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