Premiere: Watch Charlie McCosh's New Music Video 'Anemones'

Charlie McCosh is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter.
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Shepparton-raised, Naarm-based singer-songwriter Charlie McCosh's newest release is the delicate, emotive ballad 'Anemones', showcasing a heartfelt vulnerability.

2023 has found Charlie exploring a new side to her creativity, powered by a boundless energy to harness her storytelling capabilities, which is embodied by 'Anemones', a song inspired by Matthew Dickman's collection of poems 'Mayakovsky’s Revolver'.

With honest lyrics that explores themes of innocence, youth, and the harsh realities of growing up, McCosh's husky yet sincere vocals are matched to the stark beauty of a gentle, plucking guitar (Nick Vargas), melodic-sounding piano (Alex Garla) and washed out, distant sounding synths (Oly Bugs) to create to a raw, indie folk, dark pop soundscape.

"I like to say that vulnerability is my greatest strength," shares Charlie, discussing her songwriting. "It connects me to my audience on a deep level, and I enjoy writing about my pain and what goes on in my mind.

"It is therapy to me, and writing and releasing it in music form, brings me such validation to what I've been through. It's freeing. Artists that have helped me connect with my vulnerability through music are Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, Thom Yorke."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (3 November), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the music video for 'Anemones' today. Enjoy.

"When I struggle with writing, I like to retreat back to my favourite poets," adds McCosh. "The lyrics in 'Anemones' nod to Matthew Dickman's 'Anything You Want', and other poems from his collection 'Myakovskis Revolver'.

"He writes about his family, his brother, loss, and worriment. With Alex Garla's production, it will transport the listener to a realm of delicate and gloomy melodies."

Fans of nostalgia-themed music videos will enjoy the visual treatment given to the 'Anemones' clip, which features a host of personal family moments (images and video). "As is reflects in the music video, Anemones is a love letter to my my family, more so to my sisters," Charlie says.

"The three of us are very different people. I don't know how to put into words of the closeness and warmth, to the distance and coldness that we go through together as we have grown up.

"However, even through the distance (emotional and physical) there is always an underlying flame bringing us together, through everything. Without saying a word, we are holding the net under each other every day. It is an unspoken bond that we will have forever, and because we aren't very good at expressing this face to face, I'd like to dedicate this release to them."

As for what's next for Charlie McCosh, she's keeping busy with more new releases in the works. "This year has been huge for me as I have been in hiding, recording my most vulnerable songs to date.

"Introducing myself in my rawest form, I released my first single, 'When I Look In The Mirror', which was a poignant exploration of self worth and the relationship with the body I am in. Months later, I released my song 'Boy', which was a narrative of my first heartbreak.

"After this, there is lots more to come from me in the following months. I'd like to keep them tucked away for now, but I'm so excited to share more soon."

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