Premiere: Watch Cass Hopetoun's Debut Music Video 'Shots'

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Australian country singer-songwriter, Cass Hopetoun's debut single is titled 'Shots'. Australian country singer-songwriter, Cass Hopetoun's debut single is titled 'Shots'.

Emerging country singer-songwriter (and sushi enthusiast), Cass Hopetoun is ready to unveil her debut music video for her very first single 'Shots'.

A song written about coming of age and 'growing up', but still wanting to do 'shots' with your friends, 'Shots' was co-written with country artist Blake Dantier and produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz Studios in Sydney.

"Before 'Shots', I had only played around with songwriting so this has been super exciting," begins Cass, who was the winner at this year's Tamworth Songwriters Association's talent quest.

"The idea for 'Shots' came to me one night when friends of mine wanted to go home super early because they had work in the morning and I realised this was happening a looooot.

"I was realising that all my friends around me were in a hurry to grow up. They're all in their mid 20s, getting full-time jobs and sometimes seem allergic to having fun.

"One day I said 'No one wants to do shots anymore' and that became the start of the song."

Ahead of the song's release on Monday (9 March), Cass has shared with scenestr the accompanying music video for 'Shots' to premiere today. Enjoy.

"When we were in production, I really wanted to find the sweet mix of traditional country and a great, catchy pop feel," continues Cass.

"When we were almost done with the track, something felt like it was missing to give it that extra country oomph; Matt Fell (my producer) had this awesome idea of adding in a Nashville fiddle player to the track.

"Once we added him in, it was a mind-blown moment – I honestly can't imagine the song without it now."

Oh, and we think Cass may have a future as a method actor if this quote from her indicates anything. "Fun fact, the swigs I take from the red wine and the whiskey flask in the video are 100 per cent real alcohol – I definitely had a lot of fun filming!"

With a natural flair for the dramatic and the vocal chops to back it up and then some, Hopetoun is one to watch in 2020.


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