Premiere: Watch Carus Thompson's New Music Video Clip 'Avondale Heights To Sunshine'

Carus Thompson's new album (out 4 October) is titled 'Shakespeare Avenue'. Carus Thompson's new album (out 4 October) is titled 'Shakespeare Avenue'. Image: Facebook

Ahead of the release of his new album, 'Shakespeare Avenue', tomorrow (4 October) folk-rock musician Carus Thompson unveils the video clip to the record's first single, 'Avondale Heights To Sunshine'.

The song sees Thompson delve even further into this narrative style, with the song telling the gritty story of a suburban Dad trying to escape the trappings of the suburb he was born into.

"'Avondale Heights To Sunshine' is a song I wrote after a conversation with a taxi driver coming back from the airport about a bridge that was supposed to be built between two suburbs in Melbourne's West," Carus says. "One of them a nice middle class suburban neighbourhood and the other, a touch more colourful. It's about trying to overcome the trappings of where you're born.

"There's a big Springsteen influence on this track, I love the way he makes small stories epic and that's what I set out to do with the narrative here. I tried to make the scope of the story cinematic. [I] recorded the track in a small room in the South West of England with wonderful production touches from Sean Lakeman.

"We're both rhythm guitar players at our core so we locked into the groove together and I love the way the track saunters along. I like to think that the feel and intensity of the track has a bit of street-wiseness to it, matching the main character."

The new album sees Carus invoking a distinct folk edge, interweaving political and social commentary within his personal and human tales. Tackling topics such as violence against woman, a historical narrative about West Australian Indigenous warrior Yagan, and the story of Dylan Voller, the album offers depth and Australian warmth that grows with every listen.

"Some of the characters are real; there’s a song about Dylan Voller as well as a historical narrative about West Australian Indigenous leader, Yagan; while some are fictional like first single 'Avondale Heights To Sunshine'."

The single's heavy Australian accent is complemented by the folk expertise of Seth Lakeman – who popped into the studio in between touring the world with Robert Plant – giving the song a distinct colonial feel.

"The violin player, my good friend Seth Lakeman was flying off to tour Scandinavia with Robert Plant on a private jet the next day, so he swung in and just did his thing – the solo is a first take – Seth is that good!

"I found it hilarious that [Seth] was tracking on my indie-folk-acoustic record one day (a favour to his good mate, me) and then heading off to play massive shows with the lead singer of Led Zeppelin the next day.

"That's what I love about Sean and Seth Lakeman, and indeed all brilliant, high-level musicians, they play with such massive headline artists as well as their own big shows, but they're happy to come and play with someone of my 'lower' level. But it's all music, and when you love music that's what it's all about. Doesn't matter how famous you are, it's about the song."

scenestr is stoked to premiere the accompanying music video for 'Avondale Heights To Sunshine'. Enjoy.

Holding up a mirror to the human condition, Thompson’s lyrics attempt to make sense of the world, whether it be the personal, societal or political. "'Shakespeare Avenue', at its core, is an album about what it is to be human – to love, to be loved and to aspire to be something. I find folk music to be the perfect genre within which to write about these things."

Carus will kick off the album's national tour this weekend in WA, with shows throughout October and November.

Carus Thompson 2019 Tour Dates

Sun 6 Oct - The River (Margaret River)
Fri 11 Oct - Culter & Smith (Geraldton)
Fri 25 Oct - Aardvaark (Fremantle)
Thu 14 Nov - Django @ Camelot (Sydney)
Fri 15 Nov - The Wheatsheaf (Adelaide)
Sat 16 Nov - Piping Hot Chicken Shop (Ocean Grove, VIC)
Sun 17 Nov - Northcote Social Club; matinee performance (Melbourne)
Sat 23 Nov - Republic Bar (Hobart)
Sun 24 Nov - Junk Bar; matinee performance (Brisbane)
Sat 30 Nov - The Westernport Hotel (San Remo, VIC)
Sun 1 Dec - Phillip Island Winery


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