Premiere: Watch BRUCE LAVI$H's Music Video 'Candlelit feat. J Nui'

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BRUCE LAVI$H is a Brisbane-based hip hop artist. BRUCE LAVI$H is a Brisbane-based hip hop artist.

Inspired by '90s, early '00s hip hop, Brisbane-based artist BRUCE LAVI$H's newest joint is 'Candlelit feat. J Nui', a track that features a playful, bright beat (think Hermitude for the older heads, Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd for the younger cats) with rapid-fire rhymes.

After being in a number of heavy, punk bands as a drummer, last year during COVID lockdown BRUCE decided to focus on his love for hip hop jumping on the mic and releasing two singles: 'Who's Next?!' and 'Badland Bandit'.

Influenced both sonically and lyrically by the likes of Playboi Carti and Pierre Bourne, particularly the track 'MEH', 'Candlit' is LAVI$H's first release of 2021.

"The beat used for 'Candlelit' was one that I never thought of approaching, let alone using it as a single," BRUCE says. "But once I heard it, the little backing melody got stuck in my head and I knew I had to do something with it. What started as a melody transformed into days of thinking of hooks/ melodies.

"After hours of tinkering, I remembered what a close friend of mine from North QLD said in reference to current events in the world: 'I feel like society is burning the candle at both ends'; that's when the hook and general theme for the song was born."

Now BRUCE is ready to release an accompanying music video for 'Candlelit' that scenestr is stoked to premiere today. Enjoy.

"The video was directed by local videographer Rohan 'Tabby' Hawes and showcases BRUCE LAVI$H in two separate settings.

"The first setting was shot at the ever popular GOMA, along the banks of the Brisbane. Bright colours and tones that were cast off the walls of GOMA allowed Rohan to play with tones and silhouettes, to give the video it's neon futuristic vibe.

"BRUCE LAVI$H is joined by a group of heathens/ demons in a dark gothic setting in the second half of the video. The inspiration behind this was the 'Blade' movie series and vampiric history.

"J Nui removes his mask and reveals himself from the group and does his verse with cutting scenes of dancing and ritual movements. The video is cut quickly, moving from scene to scene to give a sense of pace and energy needed to match the energy of the song."

The masks that are worn throughout the clip originally were not part of the script, till a box of props came along. "We originally didn't have the masks until my good friend, Rhos (the red demon in the video), brought a prop box of interesting masks," BRUCE says.

"As soon as we did a couple of takes with everyone in the background wearing them, we knew that was the new direction of the video. It adds a mystic element and charisma to the video that I feel was missing."

Still to debut the BRUCE LAVI$H live show, BRUCE is eager to jump on any shows. "At the present time I am yet to play a live show, but am 100 per cent ready to jump on a support slot of emerging or established artists in and around the Brisbane scene. Holla at your boy BRUCEY."



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