Premiere: Watch Brock's Debut Music Video 'Drunk'

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Brock is a Sydney-based indie pop artist. Brock is a Sydney-based indie pop artist.

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Music in 2020, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Brock last month released her lavish-sounding debut single 'Drunk'.

Brock has already accrued a number of co-writing credits with Grammy NEXT producer GEM on the songs 'Malibu' and 'Daydream', which have a combined 500k-plus streams on Spotify.

GEM along with Rod McCormack (x3 CMAA Producer Of The Year) produced 'Drunk'. A song dripping in emotion sadness, Brock pours out her heart across a tranquil bed of electro-pop productions that slow-dances around nostalgic '80s pop rhythms.

It's a feeling most of us can relate to when mending a broken heart; one too many adult beverages leads to liquid courage bursting forth that finds you txting your ex to spurt forth your 'real' feelings in the depths of the night.

"I think everyone's been there, telling your friends you're over them to help you actually get over them while simultaneously hoping they might call out of the blue," shares Brock.

"I wrote this song in my notes app in the early hours of the morning to keep me from actually texting my ex after a night out.

"I had every intention of sending something pretty similar to the chorus of this track to my ex that night. I'm very glad I decided to write this song instead."

Brock has teamed with director Matt Hopkins to create an accompanying music video for 'Drunk' that scenestr is stoked to premiere today. Enjoy.

"Working with Matt on this video was a dream come true," Brock says. "I had a clear idea of how I wanted the clip to look visually, but Matt has a very detailed eye and really brought our dreams to life.

"Only someone who is as crazy as me would agree to hire 100 vintage rotary phones to wrap me up in."



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