Premiere: Watch Bradley McCaw's New Music Video 'Worried Minds'

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Bradley McCaw is an Australian singer-songwriter. Bradley McCaw is an Australian singer-songwriter.

The bright, dulcet tones of Australian singer-songwriter Bradley McCaw are back, this time serenading us with the universal message to let go of life's little stresses.

'Worried Minds' is the title track of Bradley's forthcoming new studio album that he plans to release in 2022 – a record he's been working on (and off) for the last five years.

"I remember writing this song years ago, being on the phone with a colleague and he suggested I create a one-year, five-year and ten-year plan," Brad says.

"In fact I'd had a few conversations like this at the time of starting to write the songs on this album, conversations about where life is headed, my career more personally – like which direction I was heading musically.

"And I remember getting off the phone going straight to the piano and the song just fell out.

"It was one of those classic moments where you write about what you know – and at the time I was writing about all the noise in life, all the pressures and points of view, the choices and the risk of actually living!

"So the song was a letter to myself to accept that is a part of living. As the lyric goes: 'Don't lose sleep over a worried mind.'"

scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'Worried Minds' today. Enjoy.

The clip features a story of its own, opening with Brad's agent sending him to a strange warehouse on a journey of 'rediscovery'. He arrives at the warehouse only to discover the entire crew and band are all. . . kids!

"The video is an original concept developed through a long-standing collaboration with award-winning filmmakers 13th Street Films," Bradley says.

"We wanted the story to speak to the theme of the song – to the freedom I personally find in music, and the freedom the song is talking about. So we decided to bring in some of the most skilled young musicians in Australia, who I jammed with in the video."



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