Premiere: Watch Black Aces New Music Video 'Never Change'

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Black Aces new EP 'Never Change' is slated for release 31 October, 2019. Black Aces new EP 'Never Change' is slated for release 31 October, 2019.

Move over Wiggles, garage rockers Black Aces are here to take your finger guns with their rockin' new video clip 'Never Change'.

The title track of their forthcoming EP (set for release 31 October), the lads aren't shy about proudly wearing their AC/DC influences on their collective coloured sleeve.

Black Aces returned to the studio in early 2019, once again with producers Mark Optiz (AC/DC, INXS, Cold Chisel, Kiss) and Colin Wynne (Bad//Dreems), to record 'Never Change’.

"The song came about pretty quickly really and we kind of had a working chorus playing on the idea of that adage that 'some things never change' even though nothing seems to stay the same," lead vocalist-guitarist Tyler Kinder says.

"I mean, you go through life and you grow as person, you change, things around you change, however, at the heart of it, try as you might, some things in life never change."

Ahead of the single's release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Never Change' music video today. Oh, and stick around till the end for a Captain Feathersword (unofficial) cameo.

"Basically the [video clip] idea stemmed from us just joking around and talking about silly stuff to do for a video, and we liked the idea of doing something a bit tongue in cheek, the Wiggles idea really stuck with us," drummer Pete McMillan says.

"I think thematically it actually fits nicely with the songs premise too. The Wiggles have been around for almost 30 years and had a revolving door of members in recent years, and different generations of kids watching them. But in the end they are still just the Wiggles, four people in brightly coloured skivvies wagging their fingers; that'll never change."

When it came time to shoot the video, the lads had an ideal location. "The place we actually shot the video was owned by Dean Muller, who drums in the Cosmic Pyschos," Pete says.

"He’s got this big, old converted factory warehouse space, and it just happened to be empty at the time, it was the perfect space. So yeah, the end of the clip was a bit of a spur of the moment thing; Dean rocked up from doing his weekend mowing and we thought it'd be a laugh to chuck him in at the end as a bit of a washed-up Captain Feathersword who rocked up too late to the party."

With a tour of the UK planned for early 2020 (that includes appearances at Scotland's Wildfire Festival and Manchester's SOS Festival), Black Aces have a stack of Victorian and NSW dates upcoming that kicks off this weekend at Chopped in Carisbrook (Victoria).

Black Aces 2019 Tour Dates

4-6 Oct - Chopped (Carisbrook, VIC)
Sat 12 Oct - Shovel Fest (Bendigo)
Sat 26 Oct - Crowbar (Sydney)
Fri 1 Nov - Old Bank Hotel (Dubbo)
Sat 2 Nov - The Vic Hotel (Orange)
Fri 15 Nov - Transit Bar (Canberra)
Sat 16 Nov - Botany View Hotel (Sydney)
Sun 17 Nov - Frankie's Pizza (Sydney)
Fri 29 Nov - Stay Gold (Melbourne)
Sat 21 Dec - Golden Vine Hotel (Bendigo)



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