Premiere: Watch Amy Montgomery's New Music Video 'Anywhere'

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Irish singer-songwriter, Amy Montgomery's latest single is titled 'Anywhere'. Irish singer-songwriter, Amy Montgomery's latest single is titled 'Anywhere'.

Young Irish singer-songwriter Amy Montgomery's latest single, 'Anywhere', bursts forth with soaring vocals married to empowering lyrics that ask you to "trust yourself".

The second track from Amy's forthcoming EP (out next month), 'Anywhere' sees the musician expand from her previous bluesy rock material into indie pop-rock territory, as she explains.

"Before 'Anywhere' was born, I was listening to a lot of Zero 7; I had also just discovered Sia's album 'Colour The Small One' and literally had it on repeat.

"It is beautiful but yet so painful, which is a balance I absolutely love to explore within music. I'd say this record was the biggest influence for 'Anywhere'."

With 'Anywhere' released today, scenestr is amped to premiere the single's music video. Enjoy.

During the shooting of the 'Anywhere' video, Amy encountered some enthusiastic tradies.

"We took a short break in Belfast before shooting the city scenes. As I walked back to the van, coffee in hand, dressed in this Victorian night dress with my big, warm snowboots on my feet, I walked past a few builders who were high up on scaffolding.

"Because I had my flowery crown on (from beach scene) they shouted a few lyrics from Sandi Thom's 'I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)'.

"When I sang it back to them loud and clear, they were all so surprised! I assume they thought I just hadn't made it home from a night out. . . ha!"

'Anywhere' also sees Amy branch out to collaborate with other songwriters for the first time.

"'Anywhere' was the first time I'd stepped out of my comfort zone in relation to co-writing. Between myself, Michael Mormecha and Paul Tierney we created this beauty of a song."

Lyrically, Amy wanted to craft a song that was propelled with an empowering message.

"A mixture of the desire to create a song with a positive message and the natural rhythm that formed around the initial melody, decided the choice of the lyrics I think," she says.

"The aim was very much to write a track that would help somebody realise that they are enough, and more!"



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