Premiere: Watch Amy John Roberts' New Music Video 'Sabotage'

Amy John Roberts is an indie musician from South East Queensland. Amy John Roberts is an indie musician from South East Queensland.

An indie musician from South East Queensland, Amy John Roberts' voice is a powerful instrument that instantly captures your attention, like it does on her mesmerising new single 'Sabotage'.

Backed by a hauntingly emotive piano with the added sultry texture of a noodling saxophone that glides in mid-song, Roberts vocals on 'Sabotage' are fragile yet there's an inherent power within her voice that washes over you like a poetic calming blanket.

The song's lyrics explore associated themes around mental well-being and 'putting up a happy front' when life's setbacks create 'feelings of failure, self-sabotage, emotional fatigue and guilt'.

"'Sabotage' is essentially a pep talk to myself, an attempt to make life seem a little less confusing," Amy shares.

"If it inspires any sort of self reflection in someone else then that's a huge win, but the fact that it inspires that in myself is the whole reason I make music in the first place."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (22 June), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the music video for 'Sabotage' today. Enjoy.

"The more I think about it, the more I've come to realise that maybe no one really has their sh.t together," adds Amy.

"Nobody likes being the sad friend, the downer, and in a perfect world we would all be dependable, happy go lucky rays of sunshine.

"But when I'm not feeling so 'sunshiney', I've found that it takes a lot of effort to reach out if I feel the need to unload. It's not a bad exercise though, and definitely one worth indulging in from time to time."

The 'Sabotage' music video was directed by Gold Coast filmmaker Capacine Merlant and features dancer Clarence Kent (who starred in Matt Corby's 'If I Never Say A Word' music video).

"Thank you to Cap for doing such a wonderfully beautiful job filming this video, and to Clarence Kent for being an absolute star and one of the coolest groovers I've ever met," Amy says.

"[I'm] feeling stoked, feeling lucky, feeling excited for you all to see it."

Amy John Roberts 2022 Tour Dates

Wed 22 Jun - Cambus Wallace (Gold Coast)
Sat 25 Jun - Dust Temple (Gold Coast)*supporting Jack Carty
Wed 29 Jun - Dust Temple (Gold Coast)*supporting Jinn Barons



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