Premiere: Watch Aminah Hughes' New Video 'Blue Wooden Boat'

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'Blue Wooden Boat' is the title of Perth musician Aminah Hughes' debut album. 'Blue Wooden Boat' is the title of Perth musician Aminah Hughes' debut album.

Fresh off her showcase at WAMFest at the weekend, and ahead of the release of her debut album ('Blue Wooden Boat') next week, Perth musician Aminah Hughes is ready to share the first taste of the new record with the release of a video of the album's title track.

Aminah, who was based in Ireland for seven years, recorded the album in Ireland, US, Germany and Australia; it features special guests Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Wickham and Nashville gospel singers The McCrary Sisters.

"'Blue Wooden Boat' is about having the courage to escape a situation that's not healthy for you, even if walking away is painful, even if it means you hear bad things about yourself.

"I wrote this song about escaping family violence and abuse. It's about feeling like you're alone and then finding out you're not.

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"The metaphor of the getaway I came up with after I sat in a beautiful blue wooden boat in a backyard in Fremantle one New Year's Eve, singing to a quiet group of strangers."

Ahead of the release of the video later this week, scenestr is proud to be able to premiere the 'Blue Wooden Boat' music video today.

"I'd had a clear vision for a couple of years of how I wanted to create the music video for this song. I'd been deeply inspired by a routine known as 'The Bench' by US choreographer Mia Michaels and contemporary dancers Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz, and I knew I wanted two dancers to tell this story.

"I approached WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) about working with a final year choreographer to create a duet that would help to tell the story.

"Working with Tessa, Macon and Millie was fantastic. They brought the right level of professionalism and compassion to the project. They got it right away.

"I wasn't planning on being in the video at all, but a few people convinced me I should make an appearance. I was very lucky to find a beautiful, blue wooden boat and part-time marine technician, part-time musician, Bill, who was keen to help out.

"I trained in screenwriting and directing, and I work in the film industry as an Assistant Director. I was happy to produce and pull all of the elements together, but it was important for me to be able to hand over the creative reins to a director. I could trust and I was very happy to find director and DOP, Dean Butler.

"Dean worked with me to help me realise the initial concept and made wonderful creative choices, bringing in a drone operator and filming the dancers in slow motion, which creates the effect that they're moving underwater.

"When I created the artwork for the album cover, I was inspired by painter John William Waterhouse and I wanted to bring those elements into the music video as well.

"I'm repeatedly told there is an Avalonian aspect to my writing. It's not really a conscious thing, but there is certainly a focus on nature imagery such as water, earth, fire and the moon. My beautiful cloak, handmade by Gumption Designs, brings that ancient thread to the overall aesthetic."

Aminah Hughes launches 'Blue Wooden Boat' at The Ellington Jazz Club (Perth) 14 November.



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