Premiere: Watch Alexander Black's New Music Video 'Just Friends'

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Alexander Black is an indie pop-rock artist from Adelaide. Alexander Black is an indie pop-rock artist from Adelaide.

Adelaide musician, Alexander Black's latest release, 'Just Friends', brings a bright, bubbly exterior of indie pop-rock to a subject matter that can be devastating to experience.

"'Just Friends' sonically takes influence and inspiration from some of my favourite indie pop songs like 'It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)' by The 1975 and 'Navy Blue' by MUNA," Alexander says.

"Super uplifting musically, but lyrically just devastatingly sad when you listen close. I drew a lot from Father John Misty and Phoebe Bridgers lyrically, trying to paint a narrative with skill and precision, while still really having a solid hook and refrain that sums up the whole story."

The track explores the emotional fallout that occurs when one person is into another person, but that person is not feeling the same connection preferring to be just friends.

It also acts as a time capsule of sorts for Alexander to process his own emotions. "Experiencing online discourse in gay and queer spaces," Alexander says, "I noticed patterns of trauma and learned behaviours affecting my own ability to connect with people and be emotionally available.

"So 'Just Friends' represents subverting those tropes so I can grow as a person, and finding a way to tell those stories in a way that other queer people can connect with and have it be palatable and fun at the same time."

Ahead of the release on Monday (22 November) of the 'Just Friends' music video, scenestr is stoked to premiere it today. Enjoy.

"On a deeper level, it actually represents a discourse between myself, literally going on a date with myself from the past, and the internet playing a part in disconnecting from my emotions, while still being able to make it funny," Alexander says about the 'Just Friends' music video.

"Making the music video was a super fun experience too, having my friend Joe Butcher as my kind of Austin Powers-style body double was great.

"Playing two different characters was a fun concept to explore, making it super cheesy but always with a wink towards the audience."



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