Premiere: Watch Alex Edwards Band's New Music Video 'Fortitude Valley'

Alex Edwards is a Brisbane-based singer-songwriter.
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Brisbane troubadour-songwriter Alex Edwards newest release is the single 'Fortitude Valley', which pays homage to the creative personality and unique souls that populate the inner-city Brisbane suburb.

Built with grunge and alternative rock tones with a specific focus on emphasising melody while maintaining traditional rock rhythm changes, 'Fortitude Valley' will feature on Alex's fifth album 'Fantasia Fugue' that's due for release in early June.

"'Fortitude Valley' is a kind of photograph of the sense of Fortitude Valley, an exploration and series of encounters that aim to unearth the gist of the suburb's identity – perhaps especially to creatives, but not necessarily exclusively," shares Alex.

"The suburb's association to derelicts and the mentally ill is authored within the song, a kind of revelation about how the most unique characters can be found there.

"The song also hints at other artists who have performed in Fortitude Valley; it is a very distinguished scene in terms of homegrown talents."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (3 February), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the 'Fortitude Valley' music video (that was directed by award-winning photographer Renée Brazel) today. Enjoy.

"Bass and drums were programmed by bass player Nathan Woodrow, while I supplied the guitar and vocals," Alex adds.

"We opted for a programmed rhythm section because we feel like it's a bit of a drag to mic the kit. Is there really a difference, sonically, nowadays, between programmed drums and the old-fashioned method of mic'ing the kit?"

It was 2021 when Alex decided to return to his musical roots, having written his debut novel 'Maradha's Game' over many years (the book was released to the internet last year alongside Alex's novella 'Children Of The Coliseum').

The last two years has seen a slew of music recordings from Alex released, beginning with the 'Flown Frosted' EP (containing reworked crowd-favourited songs from his 2015 album 'Flight Frost') that was followed by the 'Freedom Fiesta' LP featuring the lead single 'I Have Schizophrenia'.

As well as a string of constant live shows at such venues as King Lear's Throne, Archive, Tomcat, Woolly Mammoth, The Zoo, The Brightside, The Junk Bar, O'Skulligans and Ric's, Alex Edwards Band continue to create ripples in Brisbane's local music scene.

Alex Edwards Band play Tomcat (Brisbane) 23 February and Greaser Bar (Brisbane) 10 March.

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