Premiere: Watch Alex Andra's Debut Music Video 'Not The Beginning'

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Perth pop-punk artist Alex Andra's debut single is titled 'Not The Beginning'. Perth pop-punk artist Alex Andra's debut single is titled 'Not The Beginning'.

Get ready to meet one of Australia's rising pop-punk talents, Alex Andra.

The first solo voyage of Perth's Paige Savill, Alex Andra dishes up raucous pop-punk with an indie-alternative attitude and topped with a care-free, playful charm.

"Alex Andra is an extension of myself, and through her I will give myself a platform to allow all that fuels the fire in me to manifest in colour and sound."

Also the frontwoman of Perth pop-rock band I Call Val, Paige draws inspiration from the likes of Stand Atlantic, Paramore and Yours Truly.

Her debut single is 'Not The Beginning', a song that explores inner growth after facing personal trauma. "The place I'm at currently is a place of transformation; recognising growth while also acknowledging the healing I'm yet to do," Alex says.

"The lyrics in the song use physical wounds as a metaphor, as I think it helps to translate psychological trauma to something tangible everyone can relate to.

"It's painful and graphic, and it's a big reason I used special FX make-up in some scenes [of the music video] to indicate a flesh wound I'm sewing together, working on myself while blindfolded. The blindfold was symbolism for how difficult it is to work on internal damage, because it's not easily visible and manifests in many ways."

scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video (which was co-directed by Paige and Cooper Gordon) for 'Not The Beginning' today, ahead of its commercial release tomorrow. Enjoy.

"I cannot believe how SORE we were after filming, hahaha!" adds Alex.

"So, because we had three full band set-ups, we filmed them all in one day over six hours, and to keep up with the pace of the song, we were thrashing around for all three set changes.

"We filmed the entire track over and over, and over again. The next day we all couldn't move our necks or backs, haha. To add to it, we had to lug all our equipment up and down two stories to get to one of the sets. Because of the limited time frame, we only just had enough time to catch our breath between takes!"

Alex's band is Matty James (drums), Jay Huxtable (guitar) and Lou Menzies (bass).



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