Premiere: Watch Acchy's New Music Video 'Never Falling In Love Again'

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Acchy is an indie pop-rock artist from Melbourne. Acchy is an indie pop-rock artist from Melbourne.

A young and emerging rock-pop artist from the suburbs of Melbourne, the passion Acchy has for music is infectious.

His newest offering, 'Never Falling In Love Again', finds the fledging musician exploring his sonic palette further by incorporating pop-punk elements into his music for the first time.

A track about the frustrations of young love, Acchy is equal parts vulnerable and bold with fiery lyrics underpinned by modern trap influences guiding the energetic melodies.

"NFILA was a really daunting move for me," begins Acchy. "I wasn't sure how people would respond to a genre I hadn't even touched before.

"I wanted to bring in elements of traditional pop-punk and combine it with the trap influences of recent years.

"The lyrics tell the story of young love progressing too fast and ending in a chaotic mess – something I feel most people can relate to."

Ahead of the single's release tomorrow (14 October), scenestr is pumped to premiere the 'Never Falling In Love Again' music video today. Enjoy.

Filmed and directed by Scorpion, the backdrop of Melbourne's industrial district architecture provided the perfect setting for Acchy.

"The music video took inspiration from bands I grew up listening to such as Green Day and Paramore, and with Jacob on the drums in the warehouse it really added to that feel," he says.

"I wanted the rooftop from the start; there's nothing more punk than jamming out on a rooftop singing about heartbreak."

There was also a moment of inspiration that was captured by Scorpion that made the final edit. "We had nearly finished filming on the rooftop," begins Acchy, "when Scorpion pointed out a shopping trolley for a cool shot.

"So I jumped in the trolley and we got the shot of me through the bottom of the trolley against the blue sky. Best idea ever."

The music video also contains a subtle hint as to what his debut album will be titled.

"My favourite part of the music video is where letters rain down on me and my drummer, Jacob Biviano. This is a hint to the name of the album I thought I would sneak in there."



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