Premiere: Stream Zac Slater's New Single 'Damn'

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'Damn' is the new single from Melbourne-based musician Zac Slater. 'Damn' is the new single from Melbourne-based musician Zac Slater.

Born and bred in Tasmania, Melbourne-based artist Zac Slater infuses upbeat acoustic rhythms, hip hop flow and soulful vocal melodies.

His latest creative endeavour is new single 'Damn', a reflection of life lessons he has gathered and the different relationships in Zac's life and how they've shaped who he is today.

"Personally, it's a solid reflection of me: rough around the edges, but I've got my soft spots inside. I'll always help those who need it, and sometimes those people won't help you back."

Ahead of the song's commercial release tomorrow (28 February), scenestr is hyped to showcase an exclusive stream of 'Damn' and its piano-laced offering of bright, glimmering hip hop-funk that hints at early N.E.R.D.

"'Damn' is a quirky, quick glimpse into my mind coming from a kid to where I am now," Zac says. "This one going to make you feel electric."

Raised in musical family (his father a drummer and mother a singer), Zac was only two years old when he first picked up a set of drumsticks and started banging out beats, discovering early on an innate desire to make music.

Regarding the lyrical inspiration for 'Damn', Zac says: "[It] was quite easy really; I usually write from places of experience and real life matter. All of what you hear is the real Zac."

Once he had the words set, Zac encountered a few teething dramas getting the track to sound the way he wanted it to. "Writing it was the easy part. Recording it was another. The track first originally moved in a different manner.

"After a few sessions with my band, we collectively made it what it is now. We all felt it had a movement that needed to be felt, which is the keys; the rest after that was easy breezy!"

Nestled away in the studio working with various producers, 'Damn' is the first single from an upcoming EP release from Zac slated for release later in 2020.



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