Premiere: Stream Yeti Ghetto's New Single 'New Love'

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Brisbane band Yeti Ghetto's next sonic offering is the sing-along gem 'New Love'. Brisbane band Yeti Ghetto's next sonic offering is the sing-along gem 'New Love'.

Brisbane alt-rock, three-piece Yeti Ghetto are ready to serve their next sonic offering in the form of sing-along gem 'New Love'.

A delectable slice of '90s-flavoured DIY pop that surfs a similar wave to late '90s, early 2000s Swedish act The Concretes with a distinct Aussie twang reminiscent of Architecture In Helsinki or Art Of Fighting, 'New Love' features a tongue-in-cheek perspective on the mundane nature of everyday life that reminds us to love in the face of fear and self-doubt.

The song began life after a series of late-night laptop recording sessions in an overcrowded share house in North-West London and is set for release this Friday (30 August).

But today, scenestr has the inside running with an exclusive stream of 'New Love' to share with your ears. Enjoy.

"'New Love' came together in a different way from anything else I was working on at the time," Yeti Ghetto says.

"I had the lyrics first, and they were scattered across notepads for a quite a while. It's about the whole 'play your cards right' thing, you know rehearsing what you are going to say to someone you are into, doing this, doing that.

"I think everyone has been there, I guess it's because it's kind of scary to put your heart out there. But then like, what if the other person is just playing their cards right? Then it's just some kind of strange self-doubt card game."

Yeti Ghetto plan to release their debut, full-length album 'JINX' in early October.


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