Premiere: Stream Von Sharp's New Single 'See The Lights (feat Jones 2.0)'

Von Sharp is an electronic producer from Brisbane.
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The moniker of Brisbane producer Stu Galligan, Von Sharp's electronic, hip hop productions are built around a love of rhythm.

After releasing his debut single 'Day Dreamer' in 2022, Von Sharp followed with another 2022 single 'Save Me'. Last year saw two more releases: 'Beyond Tomorrow' and 'Boogie Man'.

Von Sharp continues his journey with 'See The Lights'. Stylish, smooth electro house that drips with emotion elevating the senses, the lavish, plush chords interplay with an opulent choral lick before UK rapper Jones 2.0 comes hard, his raps bursting with a venom calling out dishonest operators only intent on furthering their own agenda.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (4 April), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'See The Lights' today. Enjoy.

"It's important that I firstly state, I have built a team of established people who have given their life so far and in some cases are now veterans of our industry," shares Von Sharp, detailing the inspiration behind 'See The Lights'.

"All of these people have been largely successful in their respected areas and are tremendous mentors for me.

"Unfortunately the music industry has a few imposters running around claiming to be helpful who occasionally cross your path promising to add value. It's a real trap for new artists.

"Around the time of writing this song I had been dealing with a person whom I felt could only see their way. This was the second person I've come across in just two years who have less than noteworthy achievements themselves, but are 'rock solid' set in their ways and quick to tell you that you will not have any success if things are not done by their playbook.

"Speaking negatively about others is below most decent people, but hey, why not use it as inspiration for your art. Because those people would like to see you fall short of your goal, they're likely to be interested in the results, and even the whole journey. To me, reaching my goal(s) is precisely the message I want to send them."

The recording process for 'See The Lights' also allowed Stu to incorporate family time with a holiday – the holy trinity! "This time, I was able to take my wife and kids to the studio because we were holidaying nearby.

"A trip to the studio for me normally means a couple of nights away from home, so it was great for my wife to see that it wasn't like a '90s metal band rolling in with a bus full of drugged up, sexy women. Lol.

"Seriously though, I know she enjoyed herself. The kids had a great time! We gave them the whole experience in the studio, in the recording booth with me, and then upstairs in the writing room playing Xbox until we were done.

"The highlight was probably when we told my daughter that Katy Perry had been there sitting in the exact same lounge chair as her (Lush Recording Studios in Redcliffe). Her little face just lit up!"

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