Premiere: Stream Vibrations From The Void's Debut EP 'God Damn!'

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Brisbane rockers Vibrations From The Void's debut EP is titled 'God Damn!'. Brisbane rockers Vibrations From The Void's debut EP is titled 'God Damn!'.

Created to play loud, frenetic and fun rock & roll, Brisbane rockers Vibrations From The Void are ready to unleash their debut EP 'God Damn!'.

Fronted by lead single 'Coup de Grâce' and its epic sing-along chorus – "Whoa-ooh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh!" – 'God Damn!' features five tracks of piping hot, caffeine-fuelled riffage.

With this release, the band wanted to play old-school rock & roll because sometimes simplicity is best. "This EP is the culmination of all the music I was into when I was 16," the group's guitarist Peter Green says.

"There's been many influences and bands since, but I reached a point where I felt that looking back and playing the music that got me into guitar playing in the first place was not necessarily a bad thing."

Ahead of the EP's release on Friday (18 September), scenestr is thrilled to offer you an exclusive stream of 'God Damn!' three days early. Enjoy.

Recorded at Bedlam Studios with BUGS' Brock Weston, who has recorded the likes of The Jensens and Beddy Rays, the EP was recorded mostly live to capture the group's onstage sound.

"The thing I remember most about this recording session is that I'd done my homework and knocked out all my solos and overdubs in an hour," Peter says.

"But hearing the songs we'd rehearsed develop as the recording went on, especially the layering of vocal harmonies, was really something else."

Vibrations From The Void play Banshee's Bar and Artspace (Ipswich) 18 September and The Flamin' Galah (Brisbane) 2 October.



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