Premiere: Stream Vali Woods New Single 'Daydream'

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Vali Woods' new single is titled 'Daydream'. Vali Woods' new single is titled 'Daydream'.

Melbourne-based indie R&B, hip hop artist Vali Woods is back with new music, releasing her first-ever love song, the modern-sounding 'Daydream'.

Written with her friend Anoesis, LA-born Vali explores what she wants as a woman and as a person in a relationship. "This is the first love song I've released as Vali Woods and I'm hoping that people resonate with the fantasy aspect of it. I'm definitely a dreamer and this song reflects how that impacts my personal relationships."

Vali's inspirations such as The Weeknd and Tinashe have shaped and moulded the artist she has grown into. "'Daydream' is one of my most unique tracks. It really captures a lot about me as an artist in my most raw and true state, from the classic R&B melodies, the fantasy-like lyrical themes and the production sounds which challenge the norms of urban music."

Ahead of 'Daydream's release on Sunday (8 December), Vali has shared an exclusive stream of the song for scenestr to premiere today. Winning days people.

"My music released to date features a lot of versatile rap elements as well as different personas such as feminism and empowerment," Vali continues.

"However, 'Daydream' showcases me primarily as a vocalist and songwriter, which is really who I consider myself to be as an artist."



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