Premiere: Stream Tripsitta's New Single 'Waste'

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Brisbane psych rockers, TRIPSITTA's newest single is titled 'Waste'. Brisbane psych rockers, TRIPSITTA's newest single is titled 'Waste'.

Brisbane psych rockers TRIPSITTA are back with another slice of party rock in the form of new single 'Waste'.

From its opening chords, 'Waste' instantly draws you in with vocals comparable to Grinspoon's Phil Jamieson, with a rock, hip hop sound that's reminiscent of dormant Brisbane band Schoolfight.

Recorded and produced by Brock Western (BUGS) at Bedlam Records Studio, lyrically 'Waste' details an individual dealing with the expectations of an older generation.

"'Waste' was inspired by teachers, coaches and bosses who would make you feel like you were never gonna be good enough to be someone important," the group's bassist and back-up vocalist, Tyler Ascough says.

"As a kid that's tough, but as you get older and find that achievement isn't necessarily happiness, it all has less of a significant effect on your life.

"This song grooves on the comfort of being one's own self and enjoying life, however you live it and flipping the bird to those who criticise you for your choices."

Ahead of its release tomorrow (12 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Waste' today. Enjoy.

TRIPSITTA also have Queensland tour planned next month; some dates are still to be locked in, but confirmed gigs are Tomcat (Brisbane) on 12 December and Bar Wunder (Toowoomba) on 18 December.



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