Premiere: Stream Tiles' Debut Single 'Red Wine'

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'Red Wine' is the debut single from Adelaide duo Tiles. 'Red Wine' is the debut single from Adelaide duo Tiles.

With a darker take on dream pop with elements of shoegaze underlying a bright, shimmery vocal, 'Red Wine' is the debut single from Adelaide two-piece Tiles.

The duo consists of Matt Schultz and Katie Pomery, who have both been involved in several bands and projects but from different scenes, who came together with a passion to create something new.

'Red Wine' is the second song the pair wrote for Tiles and deals with that eternal emotion of heartache felt after breaking up with someone you once loved but who hurt you.

"It's based on having a few too many wines at the Cranker (our favourite pub in Adelaide) and looking for someone to take home as a way of coping with a break-up."

With Matt finding his feet in the psych-rock circuit and Katie firmly established in the folk scene, Tiles explores the upbeat end of the dream pop spectrum. "I guess because our process always starts with me pulling together a full demo with everything apart from vocals, the influences are pretty different for Katie and I," Matt says.

"I'm coming from a bit more of a shoegaze angle to when I start playing something, DIIV's first album is a pretty recurring theme for me. But when I start layering more things in I'm thinking a bit more about Jay Som, Day Wave, Fazerdaze, and elements of Japanese Breakfast.

"Snail Mail is a pretty huge influence for Katie when it comes to melody and lyrics, and she's pretty well rooted in folk music; Phoebe Bridgers might be a bit of an influence too."

Ahead of the release on Monday (25 May) of 'Red Wine', scenestr is stoked to premiere Tiles today. Enjoy.

When it came to fine-tuning 'Red Wine', Matt admits the pair stumbled on the opening lyric of the song. "We were kind of going a little crazy for a while because we felt, like, something was off with the very first line of the song.

"It was enough of an issue to hear that something wasn't quite right, but it really wasn't obvious enough to work out what it was.

"It turned out that just one word was the slightest bit out of time. Now it's in time. Now we can sleep peacefully."



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