Premiere: Stream The Scotch Of Saint James' New Single 'Bright Side'

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The Scotch Of Saint James are a rock band from Perth. The Scotch Of Saint James are a rock band from Perth.

A chugging, driving retro rhythm section matched with vocals that inject a dose of '70s nostalgia into your ears and searing lead guitar to melt your face, the return of Western Australian rockers The Scotch Of Saint James is heralded by the release of their new single 'Bright Side'.

"Love this track," declares co-vocalist-guitarist Bobby Burgess.

"It has been kicking around for a while now; it's got this killer disjointed groove sort of a thing which is hell fun to play and get right, plus the vocals just soar and the lyrics are so relevant right now.

"I'm stoked we decided to get back together and put this record out; after a few years of not playing in The Scotch I realise I need this now more than ever."

First emerging on the WA scene in the mid-noughties, they quickly garnered a loyal, local following after winning triple j's Unearthed competition.

This led to festival appearances and support gigs with the likes of Tame Impala, Kasabian, Yves Klein Blue, Violent Soho, and Children Collide for the band who named themselves after the London club where Jimi Hendrix performed as an unknown artist.

After releasing three studio album, the last being 2013's 'Real People', the band drifted apart. But after founding members returned from overseas and took time out from other projects, the rebirth of The Scotch Of Saint James began.

With their comeback single 'Slow Down' released in April, The Scotch are now prepping to unveil 'Bright Side' that also features on the band's forthcoming album 'French By Spilled Blood' featuring 12 tracks of previously unreleased material.

scenestr is amped to premiere 'Bright Side' today ahead of its release (12 June). Enjoy.

"'Bright Side' is somewhat tongue in cheek. Basically we're f...ed, so all you can do is grab your good mates, hold them tight and look on the bright side," co-vocalist-guitarist Michael Paver says.

"Since the band went separate ways some seven years ago there has been member changes (recently), x1 wedding, x2 divorces, a life-threatening accident and a whole lotta perspective.

"Personally I had had enough of performing music, or so I thought. Complacency resided within me obviously. Until old mate called and said we should put out this album, which spans a fair chunk of the career from the band.

"We got the sessions, I mixed it, Bobby mastered it and here we are new members and all. I could very easily never perform again, but what I can't do is let a friend down, particularly one that has had your back (as you have had his) for 17 years.

"When you have been granted a second chance, as Bobby has, how could I ever say that I don't want to be part of that. Having jammed a bit and with some stage time behind us with the new line-up I/ we feel pretty proud.

"After 10 years in some instances (from when songs were written) we can walk back onto stage singing about the same sh.t that pissed us off years ago, and the world hasn't changed a bit.

"However, this is no deterrent (albeit upsetting) and if anything it spurs us on, again, to look on the bright side while you still can."

The band launch 'Bright Side' at Lynott's Lounge (Perth) 12 June. They'll be joined by The Shakeys, False Cobra and Long Lost Friend. The Scotch Of Saint James support The Kill Devil Hills at Indian Ocean Hotel (Perth) 25 June.



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