Premiere: Stream The Great Emu War Casualties' New Single 'Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy'

The Great Emu War Casualties are an indie rock band from Melbourne. The Great Emu War Casualties are an indie rock band from Melbourne.

Another dose of fuzzy, vibrant indie rock with kooky, atmospheric instrumentation and a psych-rock wash-out ending, The Great Emu War Casualties return with their new single 'Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy'.

The first of six tracks the band recorded at Super Melody World, The Great Emu War Casualties recording session at James Cecil's (formerly of Architecture In Helsinki) studio in the picturesque Macedon Ranges would be one of the last before it burnt down last month.

"This track is dedicated to James Cecil's Super Melody World, which burnt down one week before our sixth COVID-19 lockdown was lifted," band member Saskia Clapton says.

Ahead of it's release tomorrow (26 November), scenestr is amped to premiere 'Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy' today. Enjoy.

Frontman Joe Jackson shares a little insight into the story behind the song's title. "Along Gertrude Street, next to one of those roads that bands have named themselves after, there used to be an enormous real estate sign that read 'Boutique Suite in Funky Fitzroy'," he says.

"The sign was notable in that it was both massive and a complete contradiction to what I was looking at. You say 'boutique suite', I say 'empty and dilapidated tiny little box space'.

"You say 'funky Fitzroy', I say. . . well, let's not have an argument about where Fitzroy currently rates on the 'funkometer'.

"It's just an example of how you can use the power of words to influence reality. Happiness is a state of mind and all that jazz.

"Maybe I'm just pessimistic and someone else really did see a boutique suite in funky Fitzroy in that tiny, pointless room.

"On that same note, hopefully you're able to find your own meaning in the song but, for me, it's a snapshot moment in time of living in Melbourne in 2020, where things are literally the worst they have ever been for everyone, but also nobody seems to be doing all that bad, except for all the mental illness, which is apparently fine because you can probably get a quick fix for that with some magic pill or some such."

The Great Emu War Casualties support A Man Called Son at Whole Lotta Love (Melbourne) 16 December.



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