Premiere: Stream The Bonnie Doons' New Single 'The Betweeners'

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Brisbane indie group, The Bonnie Doons' new EP is titled 'The Betweeners'. Brisbane indie group, The Bonnie Doons' new EP is titled 'The Betweeners'.

Brisbane group The Bonnie Doons are prepping the release of their new EP later this month; the latest sample is the title track 'The Betweeners' slated to drop this Friday.

The five-piece hip hop, rock, soul band skirt indie pop sensibilities with a laidback party-funk groove on 'The Betweeners'.

The trickling electric guitar intro quickly melds into a smooth-as-silk rhythm section that's joined by head-nodding raps and an epic backing vocals chorus that produces chills that are overflowing.

Comparisons to Ocean Alley are pretty accurate; local Brissie hip hop fans will also notice a distinct Schoolfight vibe. Good stuff overall.

Co-written by Kane Kennedy and Torian Brewer, 'The Betweeners' also showcases the emerging progression of the group's songwriting as they embrace 'pop' sounds.

"This track comes from a collaboration between Kane and myself, commenting on toxic relationships and the fine line that falls between sensuality and fulfilment; coining the euphemism of being 'stuck in between the sheets of love'," Torian says.

Ahead of the song's release on Friday (6 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'The Betweeners' single today. Enjoy.

"[The song is] about being stuck in limbo because you're too afraid to just commit to making a decision," adds Kane.

"You know what you need to do, but you're avoiding it because it's a tough one. The point being, we all need to make our decisions (sooner) and commit to them.

"Whether that be ending a toxic relationship, or something else. Too many people let life pass them by because they sit there hesitating."

'The Betweeners' EP is set for release on 20 November. "This record was a new approach to music for me personally," continues Kane, "we steered further from the Aussie surf-rock sound to a more pop-like '90s vibe.

"I still hear similarities between this and our previous record, mainly in the guitar work, but it was ultimately Torian's vocals that gave us the ability to pursue a different genre and direction with the music."



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