Premiere: Stream Terra Grimard's New Album 'The Water Album'

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Terra Grimard's third studio record is titled 'The Water Album'. Terra Grimard's third studio record is titled 'The Water Album'.

Adopted North Queenslander, Terra Grimard is ready to unveil her new studio record, 'The Water Album', which has been six years in the making.

Inspired by her experience on the ocean where she has spent a lot of time, Canadian-born Terra worked with producer Mike Ardagh in Toronto via online sessions to create 'The Water Album'.

With a focus to integrate both electronic and pop sensibilities into the music, the two have crafted layers of electric guitars, samples and synthesisers across 12 tracks.

"During the making of this album my life went through so many changes," Terra says. "I had moved to Australia and was out of my comfort zone. I became an aunty, and then a mum and got married.

"These songs are about learning to be like water. Let things go or go with the flow. . . A journey through transitions.

"There are moments of profound joy and moments of letting go. These songs are a diary of my personal process of moving through change, inspired by water."

Ahead of the release tomorrow (2 October), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'The Water Album' today. Enjoy.

"Epic and fun!" declares Terra about the recording process.

"During this time, a lot of life happened for everyone involved and we let the album take some breathing space when we were busy with other life stuff.

"I think the attitude has been that it's taken all this time we might as well get every step right. Every single detail has been lovingly crafted."



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