Premiere: Stream Taylah J's Debut Single 'White Lies'

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Taylah J is an emerging hip hop artist from the Sunshine Coast. Taylah J is an emerging hip hop artist from the Sunshine Coast.

A searing, poignant, honest, and heart-breaking call to change the date of Australia Day with lyricism that pierces the heart with its profoundness (especially when you factor her youth – she turns 17 next month), Taylah J's debut single 'White Lies' is a hip hop jam packing more than just a musical punch.

A track that easily stands alongside TZU's 'Recoil' (2005), any of The Herd's politically charged bangers or more recently the likes of Briggs and Ziggy Ramo seeking to raise mainstream awareness about Indigenous issues, Taylah is intent on continuing the discourse about how Australia's history is portrayed via educational institutions.

"What I was taught in school regarding the history of Australia after colonisation, was only 10 per cent of what actually happened," Taylah says, who has Samoan ancestry and was raised in Australia from Goreng Goreng / Taribelangbunda country to Gubbi Gubbi / Kabbi Kabbi country (on which she now resides).

"I was amazed by how much important information is left out of Australia's history and educational curriculum.

"'White Lies' isn't a diss to Australia Day, but rather a call to change the date. I want to celebrate being Australian, but I will not celebrate on the 26th."

Collaborating with Uncle Kev Starkey – her mentor, guardian, and producer – 'White Lies' was mixed by Magoo (Midnight Oil, Powderfinger, Regurgitator). The final result is a sizzling-hot, head-nodding beat with raps that showcase an educated view about colonisation, social injustice and racism.

Ahead of its release on Thursday (8 July), scenestr is proud to premiere 'White Lies' today. Enjoy.

"If someone was to take something away from 'White Lies'," Taylah adds, "I'd hope it would be an understanding of Australia's history, and not just the part we're taught in school.

"I'd hope it'd be an acknowledgement of the pain and suffering this country's First Nations People's face to this day. I hope this song will be one step closer to the healing of this country's wrong doings. Let's heal Country."

What was it like working with Uncle Kev Starkey, Andy Ward and Magoo: "Uncle Kev is an amazing artist to work with as well as mentor. He has taught me so much, not only for music, but culture as well.

"Andy Ward has been a great producer/mixer. Providing beats and ideas, he’s always a step ahead of us.

"Magoo is like the fairy dust that is sprinkled over the song. Once everything is done, he adds the final touch to make it perfect. A one of a kind gentleman, (my unicorn)."

Taylah J and her band Stone Moth play Caloundra Rockfest: Winter Edition at Norton Music Factory (Sunshine Coast) 10 July. Other bands playing include JaZZella, Owls Of Neptune, The Blow-ins, Total Radio Silence and Speedracer.



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