Premiere: Stream Tanya George's New Single 'Welcome'

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'Welcome' is Melbourne singer-songwriter Tanya George's first single of 2021. 'Welcome' is Melbourne singer-songwriter Tanya George's first single of 2021.

Sultry, smoky neo-soul infused with a dark pop spirit, Melbourne's Tanya George starts 2021 with the release of new single 'Welcome'.

The product of Melbourne Music Week and Metro Tunnel Project's 'Home Made Sound' initiative, which saw George commissioned (along with six other creatives) to produce an original song themed around 'riot of colour', 'Welcome' finds Tanya creating the slinky number entirely from her 4.5 octave vocal range.

2020 saw Tanya release the standalone single 'Anxiety' and a well-received second EP 'Normality' – both releases shining a spotlight on heavy topics: facing overwhelming realties and questioning social norms respectively.

'Welcome' continues this path of discussing subject matter often left unsaid due to its confronting nature.

"'Welcome' is about welcoming two emotions – love and fear – equally by bringing them together to create the change we want to see within ourselves or others," George says.

"Both emotions are just as important as each other and change is a necessity in order to keep growing and learning.

"I believe these three things – love, fear and change – have been very intense for many people as the world goes through such a difficult time."

Tanya George returns to the stage with a launch show at Howler (Melbourne) with special guests on Thursday 11 February.



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