Premiere: Stream Sophia Petro's New Single 'Rosé Glow'

Sophia Petro is an indie pop artist from Melbourne.
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Melbourne artist Sophia Petro continues her journey sharing infectious indie pop sing-alongs with her newest release, 'Rosé Glow'.

'Rosé Glow' is a seductive, enchanting little bop that'll wriggle inside your head and stay there for days.

A sparkly pop melody is crafted to alternative rock tones that gives the song a fierce, glistening finish enhanced by Sophia's spirited vocals that infuse a relatability to the subject matter.

Sophia paints a vivid image via her lyrics as 'Rosé Glow' details the giddy, bubbly experience of getting ready for a girls night out that's laced with fantasy musings of crossing paths with that someone you're crushing on.

"'Rosé Glow' tells the story of a night out," shares Sophia. "My friends and I always find ourselves crammed into a bathroom or scattered around someone's bedroom floor – doing our make-up, having a drink and some lighthearted, laughter-filled conversations.

"It's always the highlight of my night. At times in the past, I have secretly hoped I'd encounter a certain someone I was crushing on whilst out on the town."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (21 July), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Rosé Glow' today. Enjoy.

The birth of 'Rosé Glow' was somewhat accidental, after Sophia went to the studio intent on crafting another idea she had into a song. "Originally, I had no plans to release 'Rosé Glow'; in fact, it hadn't even been written yet

"I was in the studio with my producer Gabrielle Emery (EMEREE) and I had another song in mind, however, after we got stuck into it, it just didn't feel right.

"We then decided to just write a song together, so we brainstormed and decided we wanted it to be a fun, pop song people would listen to whilst getting ready with their friends.

"We wrote up until the end of the first chorus together and then I took it home and finished the remainder of the lyrics that very night because I just loved it so much."

Once written, Sophia returned to the studio to complete 'Rosé Glow' with EMEREE.

"The production process was just as fun as the writing process (and the song!). From recording random sounds and morphing them to sound cool (eg., winding up a film camera) to going out for burritos and drinks at lunchtime and then returning to the studio (slightly giddy) and spontaneously deciding to record final vocals; it was such an enjoyable experience. EMEREE absolutely killed the production, she is brilliant and wildly creative."

Like an entire generation of emerging songwriters, Sophia is enamoured with Taylor Swift and let her passion for Tay Tay flow into 'Rosé Glow'.

"My inspiration will forever and always be Taylor Swift. I was back to hyper fixating on the '1989' album (for the one millionth time), so we drew inspiration from songs such as 'Style'. We wanted to create a fun, pop song, one to groove to whilst screaming the lyrics.

"'Style' is so iconic to me, that introduction is simply perfection and we wanted to craft a track that reeled listeners in the way 'Style' does.

"I'm so proud of what we created and am honestly thankful the track I initially planned on releasing didn't sit right with me – because now we have 'Rosé Glow'!" As for when Sophia will next be performing live, there is a show upcoming but details remain a 'surprise'.

"I do have a very exciting live show coming up, however, it's a bit of a surprise. So for now, listeners and readers might want to stay tuned and up to date on my socials. All will be revealed shortly."

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