Premiere: Stream Soorkia's New Single 'Songlines'

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Soorkia is an electronic-folk artist from Alice Springs. Soorkia is an electronic-folk artist from Alice Springs. Image © Jeffrey Tan Photography

Alice Springs electronic-folk songbird, Soorkia returns with her first new music in three years with the hypnotically beautiful track 'Songlines'.

An upbeat, thrumming melody is melded together with stark, clean electronic production and an energetic percussive pulse (with a hint of violin) that's interjected with ethereal breakdowns throughout.

Lyrically, it's an introspective journey into what it means to be true to oneself and one's journey.

"Songlines are the Aboriginal walking routes that crossed the country, linking important creation sites and locations. They are important memory tools," Soorkia says.

"I called my song 'Songlines' to highlight the fact that my song is my story, and writing helps me to remember parts of my life and my journey.

"'Songlines' talks about breaking down barriers held in the mind and allowing oneself to be who they are, walking the road of freedom using nature as that symbol."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr is ecstatic to premiere 'Songlines' today. Enjoy.

'Songlines' is the first single to feature from a forthcoming EP Soorkia plans to release later this year.

"I first wrote the song about two years ago, but it got shelved. I don't play guitar but I play GarageBand – rather badly!" admits Soorkia.

"Luckily I have two amazing producers (Broadwing and Resin Moon) who both play and made the song sound much, MUCH better!"

Soorkia plays the SheSings concert at Olive Pink Botanic Garden (Alice Springs) 19 March.

SheSings features eight of Central Australia's fiercest songwriters who bring together their unique voices and stories in harmony, weaving an intimate and harmonious female songbird celebration to unite and ignite: 'The Fire Within'.

"Being a female musician and a new mother, I find creative ways to simultaneously parent and create music," Soorkia says.

"I find the time I spend on my musical career as a songwriter gives me a sense of purpose, and identity.

"By pursuing my dream of song creation, I hope to instil the values of working hard to make aspirations a reality to my son.

"I also hope to inspire others who are wishing to live greatly and raise amazing families, whilst pursuing their dreams."



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