Premiere: Stream Slinkee Minx's New Single 'I Can Feel U'

Slinkee Minx are an Australian dance-pop duo.
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Part of Australia's EDM scene for two-plus decades, Slinkee Minx aren't slowing down as they present another sensual summer house anthem, 'I Can Feel U'.

The dance-pop duo of Annemarie Failla and Michelle Palmer, Slinkee Minx first courted mainstream success with their 2004 cover of Belinda Carlisle's 'Summer Rain', which landed at #1 on the DMC World Hard House Chart.

After releasing a comeback single earlier this year, 'We Can Make It', Slinkee Minx have now teamed with legendary producer James Ash (Rogue Traders) on 'I Can Feel U'.

A pulsating, summery pop melody is matched to a vivacious, galloping house beat, 'I Can Feel U' also features polished breakdowns and heavenly, luscious vocals that propel the mind to activate the body on the dance floor.

"When creating our new single, the only direction we gave to our producer was to make it a banger," Slinkee Minx says with a laugh.

"We wanted an arrangement that was fun, hooky and uplifting for summer, embodying those classic, upbeat house sounds we were influenced by when growing up.

"Think happy-synth vibes and a driving bassline – music that instantly fills your soul, lifts you up and makes you want to dance."

scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'I Can Feel U' today. Enjoy.

"After initially writing and recording the original track, we actually sat on it for a while before revisiting it again earlier this year," adds Slinkee Minx.

"We then approached our good friend James Ash from Rogue Traders to produce the song and create an entirely new arrangement. We've collaborated with him multiple times now, and work really well together. He brings out the best in us!"

As for the song's inspiration, the ladies didn't need to look far from their own 2000s heritage. "We've always loved the track 'Dirty Talk' by Wynter Gordon, which was a massive hit in the mid-2000s.

"So when co-writing 'I Can Feel U', we wanted to capture a bit of that sass and suggestiveness, both lyrically and in the delivery of the vocals. We're known for our euphoric choruses and this one certainly kicks!"

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