Premiere: Stream Sarah Yagki's New Single 'Can't Hardly Lie'

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Sydney-based artist, Sarah Yagki's newest single is titled 'Can't Hardly Lie'. Sydney-based artist, Sarah Yagki's newest single is titled 'Can't Hardly Lie'.

A dark, menacing tone that lifts to reveal an explosive rock landscape bristling with a fierce, raw attitude and vocals expressing a range of emotions, Sarah Yagki's newest single 'Can't Hardly Lie' is the daily battle cry you need to remind yourself of your own inner strength.

Haunting minimalist production and finger clicks intro the song with Sarah's confident, authoritative vocals cutting through the wall of emotion 'Can't Hardly Lie' builds.

Not to mention the pure-fire guitar riff that peppers the song throughout – you'll know it when you hear it (it'll make you swoon as if Ryan Gosling just walked through the door).

"'Can't Hardly Lie' is a track that I harnessed all my emotional energy, from love to pain to anger and regret, into a track and sculpted it to reflect this," Sarah says.

The Sydney-based alt-pop musician shares further that a 'life moment' fuelled her to write 'Can't Hardly Lie'.

"[It] is to date my rawest song based on a personal experience in a relationship and how I rediscovered and found my own sense of self and strength in it."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Can't Hardly Lie' today. Enjoy.

"The process of writing this started how I usually do, with the lyrics, melody and chords," Sarah says, "and then further explored how I wanted to represent the song through further elements of sound, focusing on the lyrical representation and structure of the lyrics I was creating, and the overall feel of what the song was going to be."

With more to come this year, 'Can't Hardly Lie' is another strong flex from the talented young songwriter.



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