Premiere: Stream Saorsa's New Single 'The Good Life'

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Sydney songwriter Saorsa's new single is titled 'The Good Life' (out 14 February). Sydney songwriter Saorsa's new single is titled 'The Good Life' (out 14 February).

Bright, bubbly and drinking from a songwriting cup brimming with melody and sweet energy, Sydney songwriter Saorsa (pronounced Sir-sha) releases her first new single of 2020 – 'The Good Life'.

A song that explores the warmth and contentment two people can share with one another, Saorsa explains 'The Good Life' reflects her love for finding the good in things and living in the moment.

"I really wanted to draw inspiration from the quirky intricacies that people experience in relationships, whether that be not liking bananas or dancing in the kitchen while the rice is cooking.

"It's these unique connections and idiosyncrasies which, I believe, make life and relationships so exciting," Saorsa says.

Ahead of the commercial release of 'The Good Life' on Friday (14 February), scenestr is euphoric to share an exclusive stream of the song with you today. Enjoy.

'The Good Life' is Saorsa's follow up single to her 2018 debut 'Ghost' and her second single, last year's 'Relationship Rules'.

"I feel like the world," begins Saorsa, "particularly Australia of late has been plagued with tragedy and natural disasters.

"The track transports me to a place where I can revel in the happy times. It's really about allowing yourself to bask in the good things, focus on love, life and being grateful for all that you have."

Saorsa launches 'The Good Life' at Woodburn Creatives (Sydney) Saturday 15 February. The show doubles as a farewell party as Saorsa prepares to call Melbourne home.


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